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Helen's Project
Our mission is to provide hope to communities. We want to see family stability, health access, and positive community change. Thus, we strive to provide solution focused social support and resources with excellence in quality, service and access.

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In-Person DFW

Shower Time
All Showers are allotted one hour time. This time is 15 minutes to shower as well we time to disinfect and clean all areas.
Navigation - Session
This is only for individuals that have been assigned a housing Navigator through the COC. Any random appointments will be automatically canceled.


Certified Human Traffic Training - $25
Texas Certificate on Human Trafficking, a 3-day training program will meet weekly and include seven comprehensive modules on the scope of human trafficking including definitions and appropriate language, addressing myths and biases, the impact of trauma on youth and development, trauma-informed practice methods, effective service delivery and more. This training and certification will best equip service professionals in the following fields: social service providers, child advocates, medical and mental health professionals, law enforcement, prosecutors, any professional working closely within juvenile and criminal justice systems.

This is a Hybrid Course that is available both in-person and virtual.

Financial Assistance may be available to those who qualify.
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